About Us



Supporting Families since 1981

Registered Charity Number: 282399

The Family Information Group (FIG) is a registered charity. It is managed by a committee who are mainly local parents who currently use the service, or who have used it in the past.

The charity was set up in 1981 as an information service for parents of children with disabilities. Over the years it has become a service provider, providing childcare for children with disabilities and children in need.

Our Aims and Objectives

Our constitution states that our objectives are:

“The relief of children suffering from any disability or learning difficulty (as defined by the Education Act 1981) and where appropriate the relief of financial hardship of the parent or legal guardian ( such expressions shall mean or include the parents(s) or the legal guardian(s) that give comfort to a child in their family home) of such children and in particular but without prejudice to generality of the foregoing.”

“To provide, cause to be provided or assist in providing facilities for the treatment, education, training and welfare of the beneficiaries.”

“To make grants or donations to or for the benefit of the beneficiaries, their parent/s or legal guardians who are in needy circumstances.”

“To provide equipment and apparatus for the beneficiaries.”

FIG provides two main services, playgroup for 2-5 year olds during term time, and playscheme for 5-18 year olds during the school summer holiday.

Safeguarding Statement

As a provider of childcare and education we place the highest importance on ensuring the safety of the children in our care.

We have a Safeguarding policy which details how we will respond to suspicions of abuse or neglect, how we will respond to an allegation of abuse by a member of staff, how we recruit safely, including the requirement for all staff and volunteers to undertake DBS checks, and how staff can “Whistle Blow” any concerns outside of the setting.

We have a Health and Safety policy which sets out our responsibilities and practices for making the environment and the activities we provide safe for both children and adults.